How do I get started with YouTube?

• First, we recommend you understand what news you are going to cover. If you cover a specific town, region, or subject matter, then make sure you setup your YouTube channel to reflect that so you can attract an audience interested in the news topics you cover. Once you have a feeling for what your mission and audience on YouTube should be the most important thing is to start posting consistently. Regular newsworthy content on a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly basis is pivotal to establishing yourself on YouTube. Once you have enough feedback from posting regularly, that’s when you can take advantage of YouTube Analytics to enhance engagement and discovery for your videos.

Is there a revenue split with YouTube?

• Yes. The YouTube Partner Program lets creators monetize their content on YouTube. Creators can earn money from advertisements served on their videos and from YouTube Red subscribers watching their content. You can find out more here:

How do I engage my community?

• One of the great things about YouTube is the ability to quickly upload video from anywhere in the world. News channels on YouTube do not worry need to worry about having a polished TV set and staffed up controls room for every video they create. Reporters can share footage from the field, upload quick interview clips, and even just report the news straight into a phone camera. We recommend creating content that talks directly to viewers, which is especially effective when using YouTube Live. Once the content is up, one of the most common ways to engage with your audience on YouTube is by utilizing the comment section and responding to positive and conversation-moving comments quickly.

How do I monetize YouTube on my website?

• First make sure the video is not set to private and that it has embedding enabled. YouTube videos that you publish on your website can share in the revenue generated by your video with the same revenue split we offer on or the YouTube app. If you plan on posting lots or all of your YouTube-published videos to your website or app, do let us know through our support site, and we can work with you on ways to further optimize your embedded videos for monetization.

What are your overall thoughts for a successful YouTube operation for a local newspaper?

• As I mentioned earlier, consistency is the most important thing. Channels that commit to posting content on a regular basis are more likely to see success. Like with a newspaper, our viewers subscribe to your channels with the intention of coming back daily or weekly and seeing newer, fresher content each time. So any successful YouTube operation should have a process in place to publish new videos at least once a week. Beyond that, you can incrementally add more as your operational capacity improves and you see what content your viewers prefer. Soon after establishing a consistent publishing schedule, you will want to put in processes that make sure each video is properly titled, has a unique custom thumbnail, includes detailed video descriptions and is shared with your off-YouTube audience. We often see newsrooms put into place a “checklist” of our search and discovery recommendations so that every video they upload is optimized for the utmost success.

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