Cutline: Greensheet Media is producing 40 publications on the NewsWay system.

Greensheet Media

Texas shopper taps NewsWay

News & Tech Staff Report

Texas-based Greensheet Media, publisher of The Greensheet, upgraded its production workflow to ProImage's browser-based, HTML-5-compliant NewsWayX in August. Greensheet Media is a Texas-based weekly shopper with 19 zones and total weekly circulation of 650,000.

The publisher's new workflow replaces an aging Arkitex-based system. NewsWayX monitors the publisher's production status, both at origination and remote print sites and integrates with Greensheet's editorial and press control systems, providing an end-to-end production solution.

"This is so much easier to use than our previous system," Prepress Manager Brian Dill told News & Tech. "We installed on a virtual server, so we went from two servers and two user computers down to one server, and now anyone can connect from their desktop and we've eliminated the need to run the same Java version."

Dill said the fact that the publisher didn't have to invest in a new server and that the system runs on just one was a major savings a big contributor to the decision in favor of NewsWay.

Single-view dashboard

The NewsWayX dashboard is designed to save time for print plant managers while allowing them to see the status of the entire production cycle in a single view.

Greensheet currently publishes 20 editions for the Houston/Dallas market as well as 20 other commercial print papers, which are mostly weeklies and a few monthly publications.

"Altogether we have about 40 pubs being produced on this," Dill said. "They all look alike but the are branded per market."

Dill said his team appreciates that ease of use and being able to show someone how to create a publication and submit files in under an hour. Greensheet produces its plates on two Agfa Advantage N-DL violet platesetters with two inline processors. Plates feed into a Nela bender.

The time savings and ease of use have proven hugely beneficial for the publisher and added hours back to the production window.

"There is no downtime — it's always up and running," Dill said. "You just log right in and it works."


ProImage wins Canadian ink-optimization contract

The Winnipeg Free Press in Winnipeg, Manitoba, recently tapped ProImage for its OnColor Eco ink optimization software to reduce ink consumption and ink cost on its press while improving print quality.


The second-largest city newspaper in Canada prints more than 85,000 daily newspapers and multiple commercial jobs. So far, the publisher said its reduced ink consumption by 33 percent.

OnColor Eco works by partially replacing cyan, magenta and yellow colors in an image with less expensive black in without compromising sharpness or quality. This conversion process reduces overall ink volume required for printing.

The Winnipeg Free Press already used NewsWay workflow software and OnColor Eco was a seamless integration, ProImage said. The app appears as a device in the NewsWay production workflow and as it receives files from Asura, it hands them off to the RIPs after processing.

"It works like other NewsWay devices in which it can be applied or bypassed by a single mouse click right within the browser," said Christine Fehler, vice president of operations for the Winnipeg Free Press.

In addition to the ink savings, print quality has also improved and the paper reports cleaner press runs and less clogging. 

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