CNI and Wave2 are collaborating to increase sales efficiency at The Daily Herald in Arlington Heights, IL. The Daily Herald has been using both Wave2's AdPortal for self-service of celebration ads with great success and CNI's Breeze to automate and simplify the advertising sales workflow.

The Daily Herald intends to expand AdPortal to offer self-service for small business retail advertisers. In moving into self-service retail, the Daily Herald plans to integrate the AdPortal with CNI's Breeze Ad Sales Dashboard to ensure a high level of customer service for AdPortal users. Wave2's AdPortal solution is used widely to acquire new transient advertisers and is just now being integrated into direct and tele-sales operations.

The Daily Herald sales staffs use CNI's Breeze to centrally manage and automate the advertising sales workflow. Breeze enables the sales staffs to efficiently monitor customer campaigns, review creative, and access account history, keeping sales staffs in control.

The Daily Herald's objective in the project is to up-sell AdPortal accounts by alerting the sales staff through Breeze when an order is placed. Managing the orders through Breeze avoids an additional workflow burden on the sales staffs and ensures that orders are not overlooked in the email system. Breeze centralizes information, reports, and applications that the Daily Herald sales staffs use each day. Breeze gives the sales staffs more time for prospecting and account development.

From within the Breeze Ad Sales Dashboard sales staffs will be able to access the Wave2 AdPortal application, eliminating the need for sales staff to go to a different web site. Many sales staffs find the AdPortal is a fast and efficient alternative for ads that require fast turn around and also for spec ads. Wave2 has added management features to AdPortal which enables sales staffs to create and manage accounts on AdPortal for their advertising clients. It also allows for different workflow steps to be set-up and tracked through Breeze.

The Wave2 AdPortal and CNI's AdDesk also offer the Daily Herald sales staffs an options to service repeat advertisers in a cost effective manner.

"Our sales staffs were at first wary that AdPortal might steal customers. Integration with Breeze means AdPortal is a lead source and an efficient option for their customers."

Jason Hegna, Director, Retail Advertising

Daily Herald Media Group

Daily Herald's History of Innovation

The Daily Herald is located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, a highly competitive market in where several daily and weekly newspaper publishers vie for audience share and advertisers. The Breeze Ad Sales Dashboard and Wave2 self-service gives the Daily Herald sales staffs a leg up on the competition because they are mobile and able to service their customers at a high level, from anywhere at any time.


Contact: CNI Corporation

Jon Dickinson, President


Phone: 603-673-6600 xt. 250

Contact: Wave2 Media Solutions

Brian Gorman, Vice President, Sales


Phone: 508-366-6383


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