EPG, (Essex Products Group www.epg-inc.com, Centerbrook, Connecticut), is launching KeyColor ColorInSpec, the industry's only printing system that delivers color correction on press in real time and can simultaneously provide defect detection, at PRINT 09. The comprehensive tool, featuring superior technology from Apollo Systems, Inc., reads an entire color bar on every impression reducing costly makeready and monitoring defects according to customer-set tolerances. Both color measurement and defect detection are also available separately. Details are available at the EPG booth 5437.

"Processing the entire color bar on every impression is a phenomenal difference from alternative systems," says Peter Griffin, president, EPG. Griffin explains that other systems typically scan each ink zone when traversing a color bar. Paper and time can be wasted during a traverse period, particularly during makeready when multiple pulls are often necessary before color balance is achieved. "Commercial, newspaper, and packaging printers can now utilize the most advanced technology available to achieve consistent print production and exceptional finished products for greater profitability," he says.

KeyColor ColorInSpec integrates with EPG's and other remote ink control systems to accomplish color measurement corrections on press in real time. Density on an entire colorbar is read on every impression, regardless of register, from the first identifiable black impression. That data is used to continually calculate correct ink key position and automatically move the corresponding ink keys. In addition, it trends and predicts ink density to achieve targets without the up and down ink "bounce" prevalent on other systems. Web and sheetfed printers now have enhanced continuous closed-loop color-control.

On-press KeyColor ColorInSpec monitors every impression and identifies problems before they become waste, notes Griffin. "It responds when color is drifting, helping to reduce run waste and improving output quality." ColorInSpec can compare up to 300 regions of interest to which the press operators assign tolerances during job setup. Variations in color and defects are reported to the operators who determine how to correct problems.

For more information about new KeyColor ColorInSpec and EPG's integrated color control systems, contact Helga Kollegger, Sales Administrator, email sales@epg-inc.com, telephone +1-860-767-7130; fax +1-860-767-9137. EPG's headquarters is located at 30 Industrial Park Road, Centerbrook, CT 06409. Visit the EPG web site at www.epg-inc.com.


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