Presteligence proudly announces that its now hosting 536 publications (and counting) on its Adinfinitum advertising e-services portal. Corporate initiatives by Lee Enterprises, Calkins Media, and Paxton Media have helped to fuel its growth in the recent months. The project management of these group-wide rollouts has been simplified by Presteligence to make the process as effortless as possible for the publishers. The turnaround time from signed contract to web presence on Adinfinitum is under a month in most cases. 

"We've seen the acceptance of e-tearsheets mature to nearly 100% over the past five years and we are watching the same scope of progression with acceptance of paperless statements and online ad proofing", says Bob Behringer, President and CEO of Presteligence. "Presteligence plans to continue adding new features and functionality to Adinfinitum that benefit the both the publishers and advertisers."

Over 100 publishers ranging in circulation from under 5,000 to greater than 300,000 are utilizing Adinfinitum for tearsheet and invoice delivery to their advertising clients.


For more information:

Denise Fedder _ Presteligence _ _ 330.305.6960 ext 500


About Presteligence:

Presteligence is an industry leading software developer and service provider specializing in solutions for newspapers. We offer a suite of hosted advertising self service solutions, color-calibrated hard and soft proofing systems, production workflow systems, and interactive multimedia services. We have been servicing our customers since 1990 and have over 450 installations extending across five continents.

About Adinfinitum:

Adinfinitum currently hosts more than 500 publications with over 18 million ads and 1.5 million statements. It allows publishers to replace hard copy tearsheets, mailed invoices/statements, and hard copy/emailed proofs. Email notifications alert advertisers any time the site has a new item for them to review-such as an ad that needs proofed, a published tearsheet, or new monthly statement. Publishers are not only seeing a cost savings using this service but are creating new efficiencies within their departments with the ability to see proofs, tearsheets, and statements online.

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