Brent Low updated

Brent Low president and Ceo, utah Media Group

N&T: What tech trend are you watching for 2019?

Everything mobile. We must, must keep our minds open as consumer behavior is constantly changing.

N&T: What's your biggest business prediction for 2019?

2019 will be the beginning of the end for print. Daily newspapers have run out of pricing gimmicks and cost cuts, as evidenced by 3Q18 fi nancials (most public companies lost money) and the fact that print newspapers’ lack locally generated content. Very surprised to read newspapers owned by public companies that have zero locally written content in several days’ newspapers each week. Newsrooms have been gutted. The highly fi xed costs of printing and delivery are not sustainable. We will start to see signifi cant newspapers eliminate print in 2019.

N&T: How do you see media's evolution with social media in the near future?

Evolution? It is here and has been here for several years. However, not certain where it goes from here. Hard to predict with the instability and fragmentation of social media. Exactly what will defi ne “social media” in 2020

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