Edward Casson

Edward A. “Trip” Casson, III Chairman and Ceo, Southern lithoplate

Edward A. “Trip” Casson, III Chairman and Ceo, Southern lithoplate

N&T: What tech trend are you watching for 2019? 

IoT, AI, robotics and VR cannot completely replace the impact and intrinsic value of a human journalist nor printed products. Looking for exciting innovations to paywalls, integrated print/mobile subscriptions and local coverage, while employing the aforementioned technologies to “deliver” integrated online and printed products. 

N&T: What's your biggest business prediction for 2019?

Thirty-seven percent of millennials read a printed newspaper within the past week, according to a recent APTech/PRIMIR study, “The Evolution of Print in the Cross-Generational World of Information Media,” yet only 10 percent claimed they were newspaper readers. Watch for an increase in niche print products targeted to convert more millennial and Gen Z-ers to timely readers.

N&T: What regulatory or government moves interest you? 

The Section 232 aluminum tariff has been a tough battle in 2018. We remain actively engaged and hopeful that the exclusion process will be honored by our leaders in Washington.

N&T: How do you see media's evolution with social media in the near future?

Newspapers are the “most trusted” source for news and information over all other media, excepting only friends and family, according to the APTech/PRIMIR study. Newspapers will morph from the analog caterpillar to the integrated butterfl y by solidifying their position as the most trusted source both in print and online. 

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