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Press crew cutbacks have been a hard reality of the changing face of newspaper and commercial printing over the years. As a result, newspaper publishers and their employees have become all too familiar with the need to do more with fewer resources.

• News Corp is buying Investor’s Business Daily from O’Neil Capital Management for for $275 million. The financial news and research business will be operated by Dow Jones, a News Corp subsidiary. 

• Agfa announced this week that it will globally increase the prices of its offset plates. “Soaring input costs, particularly relevant to aluminum, energy and packaging materials, in combination with sharply rising freight rates due to global logistic constraints make price increases unavoid…

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NYT's Morning Newsletter has reached a billion unique opens.A while back, AI, virtual reality and augmented reality got a lot of attention as innovation tech for the newspaper industry. The New York Times, Associated Press, Bloomberg and others were using or experimenting with the tech. That…

Staten Island Advance’s Goss Magnum press will have much more space in its new home at The Star-Ledger’s facility in Pine Brook, New Jersey. (Photo: The Star-Ledger)In 2015, when the Staten Island Advance became the first U.S. newspaper to install a Goss Magnum Compact press, the project req…

• Australia has passed legislation that will make platforms such as Facebook and Google pay publishers to link to their material in feeds or search results, CNBC and others reported. Here's a reaction from the News Media Alliance.

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While USA Today recently felt the need to defend the value of editorials, one paper has scrapped endorsements and another may bail on the editorial concept altogether, the Pittsburgh-area Tribune-Review prominently employed the form with an A1 editorial urging readers to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Horizon Publications’ Yuma (Arizona) Sun has been managing its local editions with ProImage NewsWay workflow since 2005. At that time, the paper was owned by now-defunct conglomerate Freedom Communications.