Horizon Publications’ Yuma (Arizona) Sun has been managing its local editions with ProImage NewsWay workflow since 2005. At that time, the paper was owned by now-defunct conglomerate Freedom Communications.

Over the past 15 years, the Sun has leveraged NewsWay for edition planning, tracking pages, load balancing RIPs, page impositioning, softproofing plates, adjust images for fan-out, and managing output to their two CTP devices. The publisher has continued to make regular upgrades over the past several years as well.

“When we were a Freedom Communications site, we started with NewsWay Lite,” Director of Operations David Fornof told News & Tech. “We operated with that as long as we could and it was time for an upgrade — I am really happy we ended up staying with NewsWay.”

The Sun upgraded to the more robust NewsWayX in 2018, adding Pitstop Server for preflighting PDF pages to reduce errors. At that time, the publisher added remote workflows utilizing Yuma’s current NewsWayX instead of upgrading local systems at sister California papers the Appeal Democrat in Marysville, and the Antelope Valley Press in Palmdale. 

“These can be tailored to whatever these papers’ needs are,” Fornof said. “Some locations have remote access to release pages themselves, and some send pages to our site and we release them.

More recently, Horizon added remote workflows for The Santa Maria (California) Times and The Sun Chronicle in Attleboro. Each of the remote sites has its own workflow and logins, enabling them to plan and manage their own editions. Pages are uploaded RIPped, imposed, and softproofed using Yuma’s systems. When pages are approved TIFFs are sent to each of the papers’ local CTP units for output.

Photo toning and ink optimization

The Sun’s most recent ProImage upgrade was in October 2020, when the publisher purchased OnColor image-toning software and OnColor ECO ink optimization for all of its sites. OnColor automates both processes to improve images, while increasing throughput and reducing ink consumption.

In addition to its papers, The Sun is leveraging all of its NewsWay modules for the stable of newspapers it prints commercially.

“When a page come in, there are multiple paths for it to go through,” Fornof said. “Once pages are released, we have also automated the process of uploading PDFs to our digital edition partners, including TownNews, PressReader, and Newspaper Archives.”

Fornof said the benefits of the upgrades have been significant, and he gives plenty of credit to ProImage for the vendor’s understanding of the demands of producing newspapers.

“They respect and understand that their products are being used until 3 a.m. or 4 a.m.,” he said. “And whenever we have a problem, we have a call within 15 minutes.”