In this special issue we’ve taken a look at some of the most efficient newspaper printing operations in North America. Printers are rising to the challenge and pushing ahead. They’re growing their operations and newspapers are thriving as a result — a fitting theme as we enter spring.

Growing efficiency also means printers are looking at new technologies and the potential benefits those techs could have on their operation — and that’s good news for both newspaper production and the vendors that support it.

John Jenkins of Print Innovators, for example, said his plant has been keeping an eye on digital printing as more newspapers show interest in smaller print runs to fit the new economy (see our Page One story for more on Print Innovators).

The start of spring also ushered in the call from Associated Press President and CEO Gary Pruitt to make the killing of journalists a war crime. Indeed, we wholeheartedly agree as journalism continues to endure its deadliest period in history. More than 370 journalists have been slain since 2009, and the AP lost four of its own in 2014 alone. Sixty-one journalists were killed globally last year. Staggering statistics, to say the least.

“It used to be that when media wore “press” emblazoned on their vest, or “press” or “media” was on their vehicle, it gave them a degree of protection,” Pruitt said. “But guess what: That labeling now is more likely to make them a target.”

While the threat of a war-crime conviction will likely leave extremist groups unfazed, it will certainly go a long way to show solidarity with a group that is more threatened than ever.

On a similar note, News & Tech in March attended the Inter American Press Association’s Midyear meeting in Panama where much of the agenda was dedicated to press freedom — IAPA’s core mission. With struggles worldwide and conflicts in Latin American countries including Venezuela at a critical point, IAPA is poised to affect change. You can find our complete coverage of the event on page 18.

Finally, as we wrapped up this issue, featuring an exclusive with some of the most influential women in our industry (see page 13), we learned of the passing of industry veteran Marge Boatright. Marge was a pioneer for women in this industry and her legacy will not be forgotten.

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