When we asked newspapers to talk to us about the steps they’re taking to modernize their newsroom infrastructures, we got a lot of feedback — too much, in fact, to fit into the pages of this issue. But we think that’s a good thing.

It’s a good thing because publishers are excited about what they’re doing and, for the first time in awhile, they have a renewed sense of energy about their jobs. The fear of new platforms that’s prevailed over the past five years, is being replaced with excitement as editors rise to the challenge to learn about and capitalize on new platforms and media.

Newspapers now have a solid handle on streamlining their editorial and pagination operations, and can focus more heavily on how to get the most out of new and emerging platforms and devices.

Newsrooms are also taking different approaches to storytelling as competition from sites like Buzzfeed mounts. On page 48 of our digital edition, which you can find online at www.newsandtech. com, we share some tips newspapers take from Buzzfeed in an article by Italian journalist Valerio Bassan. Be sure to check it out. And as we wrap up this issue, stories about the Apple Watch are everywhere, and other smartwatches and wearables are gaining steam.

As with any new platform, newspapers must arm themselves with information and look to the early adopters to help them find their footing. In our page 10 story on wearable technologies, we’ve shared some information from WAN-Ifra’s report on wearables, released during Digital Media Europe in April, as well as the latest on newspapers that have released apps for the Apple Watch.

Only time will tell what the most effective content models will be for these devices, but out of the gate, newspapers including The New York Times and The Guardian of the U.K. have already launched apps and are gauging what audiences want. In NYT’s case, the paper rolled out one-sentence story alerts that seem well suited to the small screen size of the watch. The Guardian, meantime, is targeting readers with different features at different times of the day in an effort to capitalize on its readers’ news consumption behaviors.

We will certainly continue to see a host of new releases from publishers around the world, and it will take some time before the most successful models rise to the surface. As always, News & Tech will keep you updated on the latest developments on smartwatches, wearables and all of the latest platforms and devices.