It’s a New Year and as we put this issue of News & Tech together, we enjoyed talking to newspaper executives who are bullish about the future of print. As an industry, we love to prove the naysayers wrong, and our Page 1 story on newspapers’ various approaches to ensuring print’s bright future proves once more that we’re far from done.

We’re emerging from the doldrums of years past stronger and better poised for an exciting — and changing — future.

On a more somber note, 2015 also began with the bloodiest mass rebellion against freedom of the press in recent memory when the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo were terrorized on Jan. 7. The attack left 10 journalists and two police officers dead. And a list of numbers compiled by WAN-Ifra on journalism deaths are staggering — 370 journalists have been killed in the past six years alone.

We in the media should be the last to need reminding of the imperative mission we serve in the name of liberty and democracy. Yet we do need reminding occasionally.

So often focused on layoffs, cutbacks, and newspapers closing their doors, the tragedy of Charlie Hedbo serves as a stark reminder of just how crucial our societal mission is. It is more important than ever, and we must not ever lose sight of it. To that end, we invite you to check out the insightful column penned by WAN-Ifra’s Andrew Heslop on page 61 of our online digital pages.

And as we enter 2015, let’s heed the call of WAN-Ifra and other newspaper-industry champions to defend liberty and display visible unity.

In the words of WAN-Ifra World Editor’s Forum President Erik Bjerager, “Stand in solidarity with your colleagues around the world in defense of common ideals. Show no fear.”


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