Agfa has added a new cleaning module to its Attiro clean-out unit for violet newspaper printing plates, the company announced. The module significantly reduces the maintenance frequency of the clean out unit, Agfa says.

German newspaper printer Main-Post is an early adopter of the Attiro Cleaning Module.

PrintSphere Disaster Recovery is another new module that provides newspaper printers with a secure backup that guarantees their papers will get printed regardless of events, says Agfa.

PrintSphere is a cloud-based, SaaS solution.

Using the PrintSphere Disaster Recovery module, Arkitex workflow software users store all incoming publishing files in Agfa’s secure cloud in an automated way. In case of an emergency, a print partner or backup print site can get access to the stored data and resume printing.

WebPrint, Ireland’s largest independent newspaper printer, recently exchanged its traditional FTP servers for Agfa’s PrintSphere.

Agfa has also introduced a new Energy Verve pre-heat printing plate, a pre-heat offset printing plate that achieves run lengths up to 1 million copies without baking, according to Agfa.

Agfa’s headquarters and parent company are in Mortsel, Belgium.