Reacting to the U.S. Postal Service’s announcement on May 28 of major postage increases for most mail, the Coalition for a 21st Century Postal Service(C21) — an organization of public and private companies, trade associations and others including the American Forest & Paper Association, National Newspaper Association, News Media Alliance, Kodak and Quad Graphics — has joined with Consumer Action in asking Congress to take action. Consumer Action is a consumer education and advocacy nonprofit.

In a letter sent to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security leadership, the groups urge members to amend the bipartisan Postal Service Reform Act (S. 1720, H.R. 3076) to include review of the postal rate-setting system, which was changed by the Postal Regulatory Commission in 2020 to give USPS the ability to set much more dramatic rate increases — yet has not been subject to public or Congressional scrutiny, says the coalition.

Without action from Congress, C21 and Consumer Action say that the newest rate increase of nearly 7 percent for most mail and nearly 9 percent for charities and other nonprofits, magazines, newspapers and catalogs will be compounded in future years.