The Coastside News Group has bought the Pacifica Tribune, the Half Moon Bay Review reported. The company also owns that publication.

The buy came about through investments from Pacifica residents, says the Half Moon Bay Review. Terms of the deal were not made public.

CNGI was set up by local residents in 2017 to buy the Half Moon Bay from a private company in Arizona. Its status as a benefit corporation means the company must work for the community good, says the paper.

“The synergies between these adjacent coastal communities will help us fulfill our primary mission to support and expand quality local journalism on the San Mateo Coast,” said Coastside News Group CEO Rich Klein in a statement.

“I am happy to turn over the reins of the Tribune to an award-winning local group who has years of experience in journalism,” Pacifica Tribune owner Sherman R. Fredrick said. His Battle Born Media still has papers in Marin County and Nevada.