DCOS Automation has an order from The Post and Courier (Charleston, South Carolina), the company says. The order is for a new controls system integration for the paper’s 108 Goss digital page packs, including ink preset and a new closed-loop color registration/ink density system replacement to their existing CC1 register system.

The project started in 2019, according to Sidney Stover, pressroom manager at the paper. “Near the end of 2019, the current system failed and we were without ink presetting capabilities for two weeks. Our IT department was able to restore the system, but it was only a matter of time before it will fail and not be recoverable.”

“While the more traditional ‘old school Goss Metro’ base is shrinking somewhat over the last few years, there are still quite a few out there that can benefit from our upgrade, I look forward to speaking with these customers soon, hopefully at a rescheduled Metro Production conference later this year or in 2021?” adds Ron Ehrhardt, sales director for DCOS North American operations. “It’s also nice to see newspapers making investments in upgrade equipment during this current COVID-19 economic situation.”