DCOS is doing a second retrofit for the V-TAB group, a major player in printed media in the Nordic countries. Newspaper production is V-TAB’s biggest business, but the company, with headquarters in Goteborg, Sweden, also does inserts, magazines and other commercial products.

In 2010 V-TAB made a large investment in building a new printing facility in Landvetter, Sweden.

A used manroland Colorman press was bought, refurbished and installed, including a press control system retrofit and a conversion to shaftless.

In 2016, V-TAB saw an emerging need to address print quality challenges. At the same time, V-TAB shuttered its printing plant in Orebro, which had three Koenig & Bauer Commander satellite towers in good condition.

In March 2017, V-TAB reached out to DCOS and asked for urgent assistance in their retrofit project. The first K&B tower was installed and ready for electrical retrofit with the aim of commission in early summer. It was a tight time frame.

“This is the first time we experienced executing a project this size in such short notice," said Mattias Andersson, managing director at DCOS. "It´s obviously a huge challenge and the close proximity to V-TAB Landvetter was important. Four weeks after the contract signing, we started retrofitting hardware on the tower and another four weeks later we were running.” 

Since the project began in April 2017, two identical towers have been installed, retrofitted and commissioned. In the next weeks the third and last tower will be commissioned. V-TAB also decided to invest in DCOS closed-loop density, register and cut-off control for the three K&B satellite towers.

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