California-based Delta Print Group has consolidated its print operations by merging five print companies under one roof. imPRESSions Worldwide helped in the effort with the relocation of two of the company’s presses. imPRESSions undertook the dismantling of a Goss Community SSC and a Heidelberg Harris V-25 pressline and moved both to Delta Print’s new plant in Natomas, California.

imPRESSions had supplied and installed the 5-unit Goss Community press in a Sacramento facility of the company in 2019 to accommodate continued growth. It was anticipated that once the new 130,000-square-foot plant was ready, the press would be relocated to the new facility. Plans were also underway to relocate the 6-unit Heidelberg Harris V-25 press once the SSC press was up and running. The relocation and the installation of both presses were completed in two months.

By August, the plant will be staffed to run 24 hours a day, according to imPRESSions.