The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel (Colorado) announced that it’s dropping its Monday and Tuesday print editions starting this month.

“The market for newsprint has gone completely bananas,” wrote Publisher Jay Seaton in announcing the change. “Newsprint prices have gone up 33 percent since January of 2016 — and most of that increase has occurred in the last eight months.” Seaton cites the tariffs imposed by the Trump administration as a major cause of the move.

The paper will deliver e-editions on Mondays and Tuesdays. The e-edition of The Daily Sentinel will be available to anyone, subscriber or not, for free, the paper said.

The paper will also promote a new hybrid subscription where readers will get three printed  editions each week, on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, and have access to the paper’s e-edition every day of the week.

Other papers that have recently announced changes include the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, which is cutting print editions two days a week, and The Columbus Dispatch, which is raising newsstand and subscription rates.