The Local Media Consortium has launched The Matchup, a collaborative online sports platform. Supported by funding from the Google News Initiative, The Matchup provides fans with access to locally produced sports stories and coast-to-coast content, giving local media organizations a means to broaden their audience and compete with top sports hubs for advertising revenue, says the consortium.

"With a combined audience of 78 million unique sports enthusiasts and journalists covering the lion's share of college and professional sports team markets, our members are uniquely positioned to compete with the likes of top sports platforms like The Athletic, Bleacher Report, and ESPN for eyeballs and ad dollars right out of the starting gate," said Fran Wills, CEO of the LMC in a news release.

Phase one of The Matchup will enable content sharing between local news sites. During the coming NFL season, LMC members will share sports news and commentary between their sites via a feature that allows subscribers of one site to consume content regardless of which member site originated it, without any additional fees. Full coverage is expected by January 2021.

Later in 2021, The Matchup will launch a destination sports site with content from all members. 

The Local Media Consortium says it’s a “strategic alliance of local media companies whose members produce more than 90% of local news and sports journalism in the United States.”