Swiss media house Somedia Partner is investing in a newspaper press from Koenig & Bauer. A Commander CL will be installed as a replacement for a competitor’s press at the print center in Haag in St. Gallen Rhine Valley and is scheduled to come on line in summer next year.

The new press will be used to print more than 120,000 daily and weekly papers every day.

The Commander CL comprises three four-high towers, a KF 5 jaw folder, a section stitcher and three Pastomat reelstands with a stripping station and Patras A paper-reel transport system.

“Given the situation presented by general market developments, we are delighted to see that companies like Somedia Partner believe in print and are making investments. We are also very satisfied with the level of orders we have received for newspaper presses,” says Stefan Segger, sales director at Koenig & Bauer Digital & Webfed. “Further projects are in the pipeline and decisions are expected soon. Above all, the products currently in high demand when making new investments are flexible, practice-oriented and automated presses, and we have an outstanding image in this respect with our trio represented by the Commander CL, Commander CT and Cortina,” he said.

Somedia Partner consists of three independent publishing companies: Somedia, Sarganserlander Druck and Vaduzer Medienhaus. They produce eight regional daily titles, including the Sudostschweiz, the Sarganserlander and the Liechtensteiner Vaterland. The nearly 50 employees at the Somedia Partner print center in Haag also produce two weeklies, the Liewo and the Schweiz am Wochenende.

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