“The Weekly,” is a new TV show from The New York Times that’s running Sundays on FX and later on Hulu.

The debut episode focused on an article by Erica L. Green and Katie Benner about a school in Louisiana that took advantage of racial stereotypes in applications and falsified transcripts to send underprivileged students to elite colleges, according to The Times.

“The Weekly” will delve into one story each week with Times journalists who have reported on an issue for months or years, The Times said. More than 30 reporters will appear in the first season of “The Weekly,” the paper says.

“Television is exciting, and (relatively) new to us, but it was not the novelty of trying something different that attracted us. Quality journalism, a bedrock of our democracy, is under attack like never before. We hope television is a powerful weapon in this fight,” said a note from The Times on the show.

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