Quartz has launched the Quartz AI Studio to help its journalists and those at other news organizations use machine learning to report their stories, the company says.

The project is supported by $249,000 from the Knight Foundation, and follows the Quartz Bot Studio, also launched with Knight support. It’s part of the foundation’s efforts to support technology innovation in journalism, according to Quartz, headquartered in New York and London. 

“Artificial intelligence has the potential to have a transformative impact on the ways in which journalists share and spread the news,” says Paul Cheung, Knight Foundation director for journalism and technology innovation. “The Quartz AI Bot Studio will hone this opportunity, putting artificial intelligence reporting methods into the hands of more journalists and helping small and mid-size news organizations increase their capacity to innovate.” 

In the next year, Quartz plans to use machine-learning methods to publish several stories that would otherwise be impossible, the news organization says. “We intend to help medium- and smaller-sized newsrooms get smarter about artificial intelligence by publishing how-to guides, best practices, and open-source computer code with each of our stories. These materials will be crafted specifically so that motivated beginners can learn from and replicate our work,” said a news release from Quartz.

Quartz says it aims to collaborate with other news organizations for at least half of its published stories. Journalists with a project that could use help from a skilled machine-learning programmer can contact Quartz at bots@qz.com.

The company also said it plans to add some artificial intelligence to Quackbot, its free Slack bot for journalists.

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