The daily print Salt Lake Tribune is to be no more. The paper has announced that it will cease producing a daily print edition and will go to a weekly printed paper delivered through the mail, starting January 2, 2021.

In addition, The Tribune and local rival the Deseret News won’t renew their joint operating agreement, the papers reported. That deal, made in 1952, will end Dec. 31.

Meanwhile in early 2021, the Deseret News will move from daily print delivery to two new printed offerings — a reimagined weekly paper and a new monthly news magazine called Deseret. The Church News will stay a weekly print product. Digital delivery will go on uninterrupted the paper said.

The paper is owned by a subsidiary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Tribune said it doesn’t plan to cut its newsroom staff as part of the change.

Salt Lake Tribune Chairman Paul Huntsman bought the paper in 2016 from Alden Global Capital. The paper got IRS approval to be a non-profit last year.

The printing presses in West Valley City that the two papers share will be “mothballed,” according to a source, says The Tribune.

The almost 160 press operators, carriers and other facility staff will lose their jobs.