The Siebold Company has acquired web offset printing press parts supplier DR Press Equipment. The purchase is aligned with Siebold’s parts expansion strategy to better serve the company’s global customer base, the company says. 

The acquisition of DR immediately gives TSC entry into the double-width web offset parts business, additional single-width parts and expert parts personnel, a press release on the acquisition said. “Following the TSC acquisition of Dauphin Graphic Machines and Smith Pressroom Products, acquiring DR adds significant double-width and single-width press parts offerings to our growing parts inventory,” said Christopher Miles, TSC vice president of corporate development. “We are also very pleased that DR’s Dan Dowejko joined TSC and will remain active helping our customers with their parts purchases.”

TSC is the parent company of DR Press Equipment, DGM and Smith Pressroom Products and offers press equipment brokering services, equipment reconfiguring and reconditioning services, equipment audits and appraisals and operational consulting and is the exclusive distributor for Netherlands-based GWS Printing Systems.