Kodak said Rotomail, a variable data printing company in Europe, is printing USA Today on its new Versamark VL4200 printing systems.

Through an agreement with Messaggerie Internazionali, an Italian distributor of a number of foreign newspapers, Rotomail is digitally printing an international edition of USA Today, which is distributed to hotels and kiosks in major tourist towns and a number of airports, Kodak said.

Rotomail installed two Versamark VL2200 machines last year and recently upgraded to the Versamark VL4200. The company now has seven Versamark digital presses at its facility.

"While some laser printing systems provide some remote printing benefits, they can't produce the newspaper's color pictures and advertisements to a satisfactory standard," said Giovanni Antonuzzo, CEO of Rotomail. "The VL4200 ... can make light work of most newspapers on the market with its color and duplex printing."

Rotomail began with runs of 500 copies a day five days per week and increased daily production to 3,000 copies for the summer, Antonuzzo said.

Rotomail receives PDF files nightly for the next day's newspaper pages and the 3,000 copies are printed in roughly one hour, Kodak said. Finished copies of USA Today are delivered to the distributor and are available at kiosks and hotels by 6 a.m. the next day.

"Rotomail offers a perfect example of how the capabilities of the Versamark systems help printers capitalize on emerging market trends and open new revenue streams, at a low total cost of ownership," said Kevin Joyce, worldwide vice president, sales and marketing, digital printing solutions for Kodak.

The Versamark VL4200 System operates at speeds of 410 feet per minute at a resolution of 600-by-360 dpi, Kodak said.