Dart - 02-14
Taking an inherently complex logistics operation and turning it into an easy to use technology platform is no small task. But who better to take this on than our own distribution experts at PCF? With 30+ years as one of the largest and most successful providers of print distribution in the United States, no one was better equipped.
Just as newspapers and entire print media industry adjusted to survive the rise of digital media, so, too, did PCF. Our own distribution leaders demanded better systems and technology to meet growing financial and operational pressures. Publisher and subscriber expectations for reliable and efficient delivery were higher than ever. As a result, DART was born to meet these demands, pressures and expectations.
Over the years, we implemented several external solutions, software packagesand customizations, but gaps in functionality and issues with technical integration left us dissatisfied. We needed better. So, we grew our technology team and married it with our uniquely qualified “boots on the ground” operational team to create the comprehensive solutions required for successful, sustainable, print distribution in a declining market.
THE RESULTS: Complaint management and response is quicker and easier. Route management and optimization is smarter and faster. Data integration and analysis is more intuitive, leading to better decision making. And, we added delivery verification for TMC (Total Market Coverage) products. We tested it, proved it, and made this technology the heart of our own distribution operations.
Now these dynamic solutions are available to the industry and our clients are loving it. DART, the most all-encompassing distribution management, delivery and routing solution on the market today. 

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