GeoTix, a provider of software solutions that specializes in creating new forms of revenue streams for media businesses, announced the launch of a localized ticket sales portal on Sept. 26.

The localized platform gives consumers an alternative for ticket sales. Often, consumers would read or hear about an event via their local media. They would then go to a larger ticketing system like Ticketmaster to purchase the tickets. With GeoTix, consumers can learn about and purchase tickets for an event all in one place, while keeping a revenue stream in the community. "Ticketing is free to the organizations and customers pay the traditional service fee. You keep the fee rather than sending that sale off to a national seller. GeoTix keeps a small fee from the customer fee," says the company's website.

GeoTix is a white-labeled ticketing system designed for media companies whose mission is to tie local event discovery to purchase. When a media company chooses to launch a ‘portal’ with GeoTix, they are essentially taking a new sales product aimed at competing against Eventbrite, Ticketmaster, or any national ticketing system. The actual ticketing site is white labeled under the media company’s brand and then a sales representative sells the system to local event organizers,” says Deb Fellows, CEO, MyNorth Media and GeoTix. GeoTix  is the brainchild of MyNorth Media, a Michigan-based company.

Jacksonville Magazine, a city/regional magazine, has been using GeoTix  for its local ticket sales. GeoTix  reached out to them to be one of the first local ticket portals to launch nationally, according to Mandy Niesen, event coordinator, Jacksonville Magazine. Their white-labeled ticket portal is branded under the name 904tix.com.


“904tix.com has been a fantastic way to open the door to new customers. We sell tickets for everything from a microbrew event, to a high school drama production, to a nonprofit gala. Their ticket buyers may know the Jacksonville Magazine brand but not be customers, or they may not have yet engaged with us. By purchasing a ticket, they enter our universe and we can begin a dialogue with a community member who clearly enjoys getting out and about in Jacksonville. This is particularly true of opening the door to new demographics and types of audiences,” Niesen said.

“In addition to new revenue generation, media companies gain access to valuable email addresses that have traditionally been so cumbersome to obtain," Fellows said. "Since generating an email database can create new places to sell ads, media companies are notorious for going to absurd lengths to collect them," she said. Media companies also "increase traffic and brand relevance by becoming a key partner for events in their region, expanding their role from simply listing an organizer’s events, to selling their tickets, promoting their events and providing an additional layer of local service,” Fellows said.

Niesen said that Jacksonville Magazine is now exclusively using 904tix.com to sell tickets. Moving forward, the magazine hopes to be the one-stop for finding and purchasing all event tickets in the area.

“We hope to be selling, ultimately, 300,000 tickets or more per year given the size of our market. We want to be communicating with tens of thousands of people who are active and engaged in Jacksonville, connecting them with organizations and events who work with 904tix.com, and in the process, we are keeping all the dollars generated from ticket fees right here in Jacksonville,” Niesen says.

“Local and community are at the heart of the mission of local ticketing and GeoTix: We combine our belief that events are at the heart of community with a belief that the world needs local media to survive and thrive,” says Fellows.

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