Local and regional newspapers can now offer schools in their area access to Factorium.com, an online learning platform featuring the News Game and other K12 materials, at no charge to the papers and the schools. Schools around the country normally pay to use the program.
The site serves to bring teachers and administrators to a participating paper's website on a regular basis. 
Grade, middle and high schools around the country use the weekly News Game to get students interested in government, international and economic affairs and to increase news literacy. 
The weekly News Game is played quiz-show style on an electronic whiteboard in the classroom or can be used in small groups or printed out as take-home material. 
Factorium.com also has programs on civics, business/soft skills, and science.
To offer the program to schools, newspapers put a link on their websites and run a short write-up in their paper or online to notify schools of the free materials.
"Teachers love News Game and the other Factorium features because the material gets students into the news with virtually no teacher prep. Plus, it’s fun; that’s key. Students love the News Game and clamor for it," said Mary Reardon, president of Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based Factorium.
"It’s a great time for newspapers to launch this program and bring people to their websites, as young people now have a heightened interest in national and world affairs."
Newspapers should go to News & Tech's homepage (newsandtech.com) for more information. Scroll to the red and blue Factorium graphic. Or, click here.

In the digital showcase:

Newspapers should go to News & Tech's homepage (newsandtech.com) for more info on how to bring area teachers the resource. Or, click here.

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