Podcasts have been getting a lot of attention in recent years. The market is well served; it seems at times that there are as many podcasts as there are listeners. Nearly 900,000 new podcasts were launched in 2020, according to Chartable.
“By every metric, podcasting performed well: ad revenues were up 15%; 17,000 new podcasts were started each week; 160 advertisers bought ads for the first time each week; and Chartable measured over 180% more monthly downloads,” says Chartable.

Megaphone, owned by Spotify, is the host with the most high-traffic podcasts, according to podnews

The newspaper podcast that gets the most spotlight is The 
Daily, from The New York Times, which has more than 2 million listeners. In 2020, New York Times podcast revenue was up $7 million from the prior year, to a record $36 million.

The Times is partnering with “This American Life,” a weekly NPR program and podcast that spawned the "Serial" podcast along with podcasts "S-Town" and "Nice White Parents." In summer 2020, the Times bought Serial Productions, which produces those podcasts.

It may be worth a go to see if a podcast can gain traction in your market if you find a local topic, story or celebrity people are interested in. Why not launch one for the national market? There’s no law it has to be local.

Here are recent podcasts headlines and resources of interest.