Here's today's "duh" news of the day.

Bloggers and citizen-journalism websites aren't getting the job done when it comes to delivering comprehensive news and information.

The latest research from the University of Missouri School of Journalism and two other schools found that even the top 60 citizen websites and bloggers aren't filling the information gap left by cutbacks from traditional media.

"While many of the blogs and citizen journalism sites have done very interesting and positive things, they are not even close to providing the level of coverage that even financially stressed news organizations do today," said Margaret Duffy, an associate professor at the school. "Not only do these blogs and websites lack the staff to adequately cover stories, but most citizen journalism managers do not have the financial resources and business experience to make their websites viable over time."

Surprised? Don't be. There's no question that while the volume of information posted on the Web has risen exponentially, its value has not kept pace. The continual hemorrhaging within U.S. newspapers' newsrooms has created a vacuum that the Web is not filling. Information wants to be free? How's that working out for you.....

Click here for more information about the study.

— Chuck Moozakis

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