Minor changes to Apple's subscription terms have caused a major media frenzy in the past 24 hours. But, then again, when does Apple do anything without a major media frenzy ensuing?

So, here's the gist of the implications for newspaper and magazine publishers.

Prior to the changes, publishers could sell their app through their own website as long as it was also made available in the App Store, and as along as it was not offered at a price lower than that for which it was available through iTunes.

With the recent changes, publishers can now sell their app elsewhere at a price of their discretion so long as it is also for sale in the App Store; and there can be no link or prompt within the App Store to purchase outside of iTunes.

Here's what's not new: Publishers being able to sell their apps outside of the App Store. That's always been the case, so long as it was also available through iTunes, and - up until Tuesday - so long as it was priced the same or lower at the alternate point of purchase.

In typical Apple fashion, there has been no press release and as is also typical, Apple did not immediately return requests for comment.

News & Tech will update this story as necessary.     -Tara McMeekin

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i love apps, but sure a lot of things arent new, I hope more appas like the one provided by Mapquest for android keep showing up.

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