Interesting thought from blogger Judy Sims, who, in her post last week, admonished newspaper publishers to be "of" the Internet rather than being "on" the Internet.

Her point: The Web is a platform, it's collaborative, it's social and publishers should do everything they can to embrace that model.


Well, except the Internet doesn't yet generate nearly enough ad revenues to support the operation of a large, talented multifaceted news operation.

And the Internet has serious — and growing — privacy concerns. Additionally, if legislators have their way, do-not-call lists might soon be supplanted by do-not-track, and then what happens to marketers who believe contextual advertising is the Web's greatest advantage?

Finally, the Web ain't cheap. Collaboration is nice, but it certainly isn't free. Remember that the next time you get your monthly bill for cell phone, data and Internet access service (not to mention the hundreds of dollars it costs to buy smart phones, iPads and other gadgets you need to do all that collaboration).

Here's the bottom line.

For the newspaper industry to truly be "of" the Internet there must be some way to ensure that's a sustainable goal worth achieving.



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