Are mobile devices the new rock stars?


If you were to ask the multitude of people waiting in lines for their new Apple iPhones today, they would most likely say yes.

And it's not just Apple. Research in Motion and Google are also touting their smart phones as the next Big Thing.

Still, when it comes to generating buzz, few can do it like Apple.

Just look at the way consumers are eating up Apple products. The company sold 3 million iPads in the first 80 days following their April introduction. And with an iPhone 4 pre-order in excess of 600,000 units, it's clear that consumers are keen to buy the latest and greatest from Apple, regardless of how paranoid Steve Jobs might be.

But if mobile is the new rock star, does that make newspapers the technology's roadies? The ones who set up the stage for the stars so they can shine for the adoring crowds?

Will there ever be Droidheads? It seems unlikely but if Steve Jobs went on tour there would undoubtedly  be more than a few people following him around.

— Marcelo Duran




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