AJC ePaper

AJC ePaper screen capture. (Courtesy AJC)

Matt Sabath


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has enhanced their replica-only app by combining print-replica editions with a new live news feed via PageSuite’s latest platform.

PageSuite’s Edition platform enables publishers to either present a digital ePaper, a live news feed or a mix of both for a 2-in-1 solution.

With the new app, users are able to customize the news feed to suit their interests and reorder sections so their favorite topics are prioritized. Articles within the live news section can be bookmarked and shared and the ePaper can be downloaded and viewed at a later time. Both the daily editions and live news feed are locked behind a paywall, requiring app users to buy a subscription before accessing the content.

The analytics show a good number of readers going to the live news area, says Matt Sabath, technical product manager at the paper. The paper plans to do more consumer research on the product in the coming months, Sabath tells News & Tech.

Along with the PageSuite solution, AJC relies on Minnesota-based Naviga for a second, separate AJC news app.

Looking forward, Sabath would like to see AJC implement feed-driven editions, “meaning just like we have a feed for live news, to utilize a feed to create an edition that provides the experience that the replica edition provides and that it's curated,” he says. “Examples of that would be if we came out with an evening edition, instead of having to produce a printed product, we can produce a feed-driven edition that has the functionality and features that the replica does, but allows us to introduce new types of content and new products for our readers,” he says.


Short term, the feed would be the same feed for everybody, but “as we’re able to gather more information about our readers, it'd be ideal to be able to produce a personalized edition for them,” says Sabath.

In general, “one of the big focuses for us as an organization is finding ways to build habits with our readers. Having a subscriber is great, but it's all about if the subscriber has built a habit and we're part of their normal routine,” he says. “Very similar to when someone wakes up in the morning and gets their cup of coffee,” he says.