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Great West Newspapers – A bright spot in an industry filled with doom and gloom

With all the doom and gloom these days of declining circulations, printing plant closures and presses going to the scrapyard, there are a few bright spots and success stories. One such example is Great West Newspapers of St Albert, Alberta-Canada. Being the last totally new Greenfield newspaper printing facility to be built in North America, they moved from their old single width plant to their new facility in the summer of 2013. A unique, highly efficient and custom designed Multi-format triple width press was built and installed and after the first five years of production, they have racked up some pretty impressive results:

  • All work from their old plant (which was at capacity) + the addition of the Edmonton Journal daily all fit into a 12hr production window with 50% capacity open to fill with no additional labor required.
  • Approximately 14,000 jobs were run totaling over 330 million copies at 4% total waste.
  • Average run length was 23,000 copies, median run length 12,400 copies.
  • Daily each night is about 45,000 copies and can go as large as 72 pages and 6 sections
  • A typical press crew is only 2 or 3 people, CTP is only 1. Total staff of 8 people in the pressroom which includes all shifts and all days for 6 day coverage.

For anyone contemplating or sitting on the fence in regard to updating their production capabilities or thinking they might have less than ten years left to print and it wouldn’t make sense, here’s the best part of this story. Because of the highest levels of efficiency this installation provides, all production equipment was paid for in just 5 ½ years! Something almost unheard in this industry and something to consider for your future.

Press design concept and Project management by Web Offset Services  (

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