Advance local Media in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, tapped Harland Simon to complete an upgrade of two of its eight press drives on the company’s Goss Colorliner press. The upgrade comes on the heels of Advance Local’s 2017 project with Harland Simon in which the vendor replaced a drive on the press.This latest upgrade will help Advance Local maintain a reliable platform to fulfill its demanding print schedule, Harland Simon said.

In addition to printing and distributing Advance Local’s newspapers, including The Patriot-News, the company has commercial printing contracts with a number of local and national publishers, including Gannett Co. and Gatehouse Media.

The project, which will begin in October, includes replacing two existing Allen-Bradley 1336 AC Lineshaft drives with modern, offthe-shelfAllen-Bradley PowerFlex 755 250HP A.C. drive modules. This will increase production efficiency and help future-proof the press from obsolescence, according to Harland Simon. The upgrade will also improved diagnostic functions and provide constant performance monitoring of the new drives so that issues can be addressed in real time.

Additionally, Harland Simon said its engineers will perform preventative maintenance on the remainingA-B 1336 drives to ensure all drives will continue functioning as required.

Advance’s other five 1336 drives will remain in operation to avoid interruption in the production process, and will be replaced in phases over the next two years.

“Harland Simon’s flexible approach and their ability to spread drive upgrades over time allows us to spread capital expenditure over a number of years while harvesting spare parts and extending equipment life,” Jim Jones, regional operations director for Advance Local, said in a statement.

Advance Local operates news and information companies in more than 25 cities (,, masslive,com,, are among its properties.) It’s part of Advance Publications, a privately held company that operates a range of media, including Conde Nast and American City Business Journals.

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