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Prague-based company is currently expanding across Europe and looking to establish a local presence in the U.S. in near future, says Martin Vedej, the company’s CEO. The company, which belongs to Dignity, a privately owned group of companies working on the Czech online media market, represents another salvo in the war between ad blocking and anti-ad blocking.

The use of anti-ad blocking is on the rise.The University of California, Riverside, released research this year showing anti-ad-blocking on 30 percent of the top 10,000 websites.’s expansion comes at a time when online privacy and user experience are hot topics in Europe. In May, the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect, requiring many sites to make changes in their data collection and permission practices. AntiAdblock says they are GDPR compliant.

AntiAdblock was born out of internal need at Dignity. “In 2015 some of our own sites started to feel the growth of ad blocking, which influenced their ability to deliver their advertisers’ campaigns and grow ad sales. After looking around for a working solution, we decided to develop our own tool,” said Vedej.

“The word spread across the market and we started receiving inquiries from other players asking for implementing the solution on their properties,” he said. Word spread about the tool and in 2016, became its own unit within Dignity.’s solution is based on the encryption of page elements and ads for users who use ad blockers. With the solution, ad blockers don’t recognize that there are ads on the page, so they are displayed with all their attributes, according to the company.

“Ad blockers do not only block ads (technically ad requests).They also block some page elements responsible for loading the ads. We address both ads and the page elements,”Vedej says.

The system is designed to unblock any ad format, including desktop and mobile video.

AntiAdblock is suitable mainly for direct ad sales rather than programmatic (ads bought by software), Vedej says.

AntiAdblock’s charges a CPM rate of 20 cents for standard display ads and 40 cents for branding and video ads. It doesn’t charge a minimum monthly fee.

Each setup is customized to a publisher’s page and ad delivery structure. Depending on the resources a publisher is capable to allocate for the setup, AntiAdblock we can be live within a couple of weeks.

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