In April, the Association for Print Technologies (APTech), in collaboration with WhatTheyThink, is presenting "Tax Reform for Print Businesses," a four-part weekly series of free webinars to provide print business owners including newspapers and their executives key questions to ask their CPAs and CFOs about the law and the opportunities it may provide. 
"Based on the new tax law, this installment of the 'Tax Reform for Print Businesses' webinar series will focus on the specific considerations related to capital investments and provide actionable takeaways," says Mark Nuzzaco, APTech vice president, Government Affairs. 
The second session, "Capital Investment and Leasing," will take place Tuesday, April 10, 2018, at 2:00 p.m. ET. Among the questions it will cover: Is it better to purchase or lease capital equipment? What has the new tax law changed concerning the depreciation deduction? How can a print business develop a good capital investment strategy based on the provisions in the new tax law? 
The presenters for the webinar series will include Mark Nuzzaco, who will moderate the series; Edward Bortnick, managing partner at SKMB Public Accountants; and Joseph Webb, director of WhatTheyThink's Economics and Research Center and president of Strategies for Management. Stephen Entin, senior fellow at Tax Foundation in Washington, also assisted on the series. 
The new law affects equipment purchases, business valuations for sales and investors, estate planning, and facility location, such as "opportunity zones" in many cities and towns. To help understand these issues, upcoming installments of the "Tax Reform for Print Businesses" series will cover such topics as succession and estate planning (April 17), and international business issues (April 24). 
The webinars are designed for archived listening as well as live participation.  
For more information or to register for the "Tax Reform for Print Businesses" webinar series, visit
If you have a specific question concerning the new law and your newspaper operation please send your questions in advance to Mark Nuzzaco, Vice President, Government Affairs at APTech (
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