Babel Street has a new product for media companies and others looking for copious amounts of near-realtime global information.

The data discovery and analytics software firm has launched Babel Channels, featuring collections analyzing publicly available information (PAI) from more than 50 data sources in over 200 languages. The collections provide “global situational awareness through local perspectives,” the company says.

D.C.-based Babel Street founder and CEO Jeff Chapman is a former naval intelligence officer and U.S. Department of the Treasury official. The company was founded in 2012.

Babel Channels is available through Babel’s browser platform and its new mobile app.

Babel Channels’ topics cover categories of interest at a given location, including breaking news, disease outbreaks, mass casualty attacks, natural disasters, terror events, transportation incidents, market and economic drivers and special events.

Other Babel Channels focus on major events such as the G-20 summit, large sporting events and major elections. Channels are curated by Babel Street analysts.

The company says sources include news media, elected and appointed officials, government agencies, police, fire, emergency management agencies, transportation providers, public utilities, non-profits, major employers and think tanks. The posts come in the form of social media posts, news articles, RSS feeds, blogs, message boards and related posts. The data is delivered through the platform in near real-time, according to Babel.

The solution covers hundreds of locations around the world and in the U.S. at the country, state and city level.

Users can see the posts in the native language of the original post or translated to English.

Who would benefit

The channels were developed in response to feedback from adopters of Babel Street’s enterprise platform, Babel X.

“Clients who would benefit from Babel Channels include news organizations and any other organization who needs to gain insights into an array of topics that may affect their brand or personnel,” said John Weaver, senior vice president of product at Babel Street.

“A majority of Babel Street’s customers are commercial organizations — both large and small — across a wide range of sectors. Our largest customers in terms of numbers of users tend to be government organizations. We also have some high-profile type customers, including professional sports leagues like the NFL,” Weaver said.

Babel Channels are available as stand-alone offerings and as part of Babel X subscriptions. Pricing is determined based on clients’ needs.

In addition to its Washington headquarters, Babel Street has offices in London, San Francisco and Canberra, Australia.

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