The Sacramento Bee News Guild has started a No Pay-for-Clicks campaign on Twitter and the guild’s website.

The campaign comes as the guild says McClatchy, which owns the Bee, is trying to tie journalists’ pay to the number of clicks stories get.

The Bee’s management wants to have metrics goals in annual reviews, according to Poynter. The reviews are linked to raises and job advancement, says Poynter.

The idea was included in recent McClatchy-guild negotiations, which have been complicated by the company’s new owner. Chatham Asset Management bought McClatchy out of bankruptcy in July.

The guild cites a newsroom proposal to the guild as saying, “It is understood that for reporters no more than 30% of the final overall review score shall be tied to numerical performance metrics. These metrics include items such as page views, subscriber page views, conversions, time on site and other metrics that measure reader engagement.”