In the digital Age, nearly everything revolves around instant gratification. That’s why the publishing industry is always looking for way to expedite their processes.

Impoze.AI, the newest addition to the Breeze ad ops platform from CNI Corporation, is aimed at doing that. The platform promises to accelerate production processes for newspapers and magazines. By unscrambling product development, this platform is meant to allow employees more time to focus on the product.“Impoze.AI simplifies the planning, production, and management of cross-media publishing projects with elegant automation, collaboration and workflow tools. With Impoze.AI, your teams can spend more time on the product and less on the details. By marrying planning, production, collaboration, approval, and delivery, Impoze.AI allows publishers, agencies and marketing teams to manage all aspects of production planning with a rich, flexible, and easy-to-use interface,” says their website.

The project came about when CNI clients expressed an interest in a platform that would simplify layout and planning and integrate well with their Breeze ad ops system.

“In our research, we connected up with Jeff Parnau, a bit of a legend in terms of ad layout and planning systems. Jeff created Impoze, one of the first planning systems, in the midnineties. Jeff was working on the next generation ad layout and planning system. It was a perfect solution. We acquired the technology and secured Jeff as a partner to help us expand the functionality. He’s been a tremendous resource, bringing decades of experience and an in-depth understanding of magazine and newspaper planning. The name Impoze is a nod to Jeff and AI is for automation and intelligence,” said Jon Dickinson, president, CNI Corporation.

By integrating the platform on the same database as their Breeze ad ops, CNI was able to keep their users up to date on ads and any relevant changes.

“Users are kept abreast of new ads, changes, and cancellations in real time. In the past, that information would come in through an email or a phone call, and typically on deadline when it’s harder to accommodate those changes,” Dickinson said. “That integration also provides designers with access to advertiser commitments, notes from sales, and history of past positions. That information, along with the ability to preview the ads during layout, results in better decision making,” said Dickinson.

Impoze.AI is also designed to coordinate with the company’s reviewing app, PageHub.

“When layouts are approved, the wireframe pages are sent to our browser-based reviewing app. Rather than distributing the layout in a static PDF format, the PageHub is dynamic, allowing users to search for paid ads, house ads, and unsold premium positions,” Dickinson said.

Impoze.AI can also be used on its own. This version is designed for a different type of customer, such as smaller media companies and for custom publishing products, according to Dickinson.

“The standalone version of is designed for smaller media companies and for custom publishing products where ads are not billed through the publishers billing system. Ad lists are imported from CSV format or spreadsheet. We can support virtually any export from a billing system. When it comes to custom publishing, the PageHub becomes particularly important by tracking page approvals,” said Dickinson

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