The automated service scans and analyzes keywords in your content and finds the audiences on social media most likely to engage with those topics.

Keywee maintains a running relationship with a number of well-known publishers in the industry, including the BBC, The New York Times, National Geographic, and Slate. A group of investors provided $9.1 million in funding for Keywee, with some funding coming from Alphabet Chairman Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors, Marker LLC, The New York Times and accelerator UpWest Labs.

Getting content to the right audience can be laborious for publishers. Keywee, headquartered in New York and Tel Aviv, uses its systems to ease that task, according to the company. The platform uses "text-mining technology and a vast database of historical content performance to help publishers, retailers and brands find the audiences most likely to meet specific business goals for their content," says its website.

To learn more about the platform, News & Tech spoke to Zack Rosenberg, head of sales at Keywee.

“We have been proud of our performance, and our publishers have responded in turn,” Rosenberg said.

“The system starts by scanning each piece of content so we can narrow down key words and phrases to get the right content in the right place.”

Once they have found the right people for the content, Keywee runs advertisements to reach those audiences.

“Now that we understand the content, we auto-generate paid posts that have click- -through rates 10 to 15 times the industry average. Basically, we provide high quality audiences for low bids,” Rosenberg said.

“Keywee built a unique solution that is designed to help the publisher community create more relevant content and impactful stories,” Kunal Merchant, audience insights partnership lead, Facebook, said in a quote on Keywee’s website.

Another of Keywee’s features is native video advertising. They use a process similar to the one used for articles.

To see more of what Keywee is doing, check the website, as frequent informational webinars are offered (for example, How Publishers Can Build A Profitable Video Business with Facebook, Keywee, & JW Player, hosted on November 7).

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