The Papers Inc. of Milford, Indiana, partnered with DCOS last year for a press automation upgrade on its Cromoman to increase quality and improve waste control. The project included adding automatic register, ink density and cut-off control cameras as well as associated control and integration equipment for the 16-unit press.

The equipment — which went live in February this year — replaced an obsolete QTI register and cut-off system that was previously installed on the manroland Goss web systems Cromoman press. The press is configured as four towers and one folder. DCOS replaced the existing register system with eight CRC4 closed-loop density/register control cameras. The folder was equipped with four PCT4 cut-off cameras. DCOS integrated the CRC4 cameras with the existing manroland remote ink system for ink density control.

The ink density control software has been a major benefit to The Papers, according to Plant ManagerTodd Clark.

“The response time of getting to density and maintaining color quality is wonderful, and the cut-off control and registration has a quicker response time compared to our previous equipment,” he told News &Tech.

“The system also produces a quality report for each run, detailing each production event, which can be shared with customers as well as estimating and billing departments.”

Clark began evaluating DCOS in August 2018, including visiting existing Norwegian customer installations. The low startup numbers at those sites impressed him. He also evaluated DCOS press controls, which will be a future area of interest for the printer.

“Our two biggest benefits are waste reduction and quality control, from start to finish,” he said. “We have reduced running waste by more than 3 percent. What’s more, several of our customers have been very complimentary of the ink density control upgrade.”

Expanded U.S. presence

Swedish-based DCOS last year expanded its operations to North America. In addition to The Papers, DCOS added Engle Printing and Publishing Co. of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to its list of U.S. customers last year. EPC’s project included automation upgrades to its Tensor T400BE press, including automatic register, ink density and cut-off control cameras with associated control and integration equipment.The equipment went live in November 2018.

EPC’sTensor press comprises four towers and one folder.The existingWPC register system was replaced by eight CRC4 closed-loop density/register control cameras. The folder was equipped with four PCT4 cut-off cameras. DCOS integrated the CRC4 cameras with the publisher’s existing Perretta remote ink system for density control.

A few months later, EPC ordered a second CRC4 closed-loop density/ register control system on another Tensor T400BE press with a configuration of four towers and one folder.

“We are seeing immediate results and our production team believes it was the best install they have experienced,” Jeremy Engle, vice president of operations, said in a statement.

In April 2019, PressWorks Ink, a subsidiary of Swift Communications, tapped DCOS for a complete drives and controls retrofit on its DGM 440 press. PressWorks prints the Nevada Appeal in Carson City and the Reno Gazette-Journal, along with other weekly, monthly, tabloid and specialty products.

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