Gannett has placed orders with ABB for press control retrofits and upgrades at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in Wisconsin, and North Jersey Media in Rockaway, New Jersey, according to ABB.

The order for the Milwaukee site, which prints on a KBA Commander press, will see the original KT94 and MR93 control systems on three printing towers replaced with ABB’s AC500 PLC. ABB will be using its adapter solution for this upgrade — the new control systems are mounted on footprint-compatible adapters that mean that the new systems occupy exactly the same space and have exactly the same connections as the original systems. 

The Journal Sentinel will also be upgrading its ABB MPS Control Consoles to the latest version based on ABB’s Compact Product Suite HMI. At the same time their MPS Production press management system will be upgraded to

Release 6. The commissioning of the systems in Milwaukee will begin around the middle of 2019.

The second order is for the North Jersey Media print site in Rockaway, where Gannett’s The Record and other newspapers are printed on WIFAG evolution 371 and Mitsubishi Lithopia presses. ABB will be replacing the press control system on the Wifag press, including those units on the printing towers, folder and reelstands. The original “Platform Plus” controls from Wifag will also be replaced. The new solutions are based again on the industrystandard AC500 PLC. 

The commissioning will begin in spring 2019. 

In addition, ABB, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, will be upgrading the control consoles on both the Wifag and Mitsubishi presses.

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