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In 2017, GateHouse Media reporters from across the country began curating audio content for embedding into online news stories, including news actualities, recorded interviews, point of view soundbites, and podcasts from its reporting talent.

The national audio monetization strategy then began to unfold with the addition of Triton Digital. In April 2018, GateHouse entered a partnership with Triton Digital to use their programmatic audio advertising marketplace, a2x, as well asTriton’s SSP, Yield-Op.

GateHouse has created "collections" of audio around unique, hard-to-reach demographics such as local news consumers, high school sports supporters, Division 1 college sports fans and local political and statehouse news and opinion listeners across over 100 podcast and on-demand audio programs.

TheTriton partnership allows for the targeting of these consumers in addition to the usual geographic and age categories allowing for the simplification of the audio advertising buy across the GateHouse audio network.

Keys to the strategy include outfitting GateHouse newsrooms with proper audio equipment to produce quality programming, creating shows specific to local market needs and developing a culture of multimedia within traditional print newsrooms.

GateHouse currently has 34 audio studios across America with sights on building another 30 in 2018. The studios are designed to develop regional synergies, statewide news networks and comprehensive story packages that include all aspects of digital programming.

“The integration of digital audio into online news stories will undoubtedly provide a rich, unique, and increasingly engaging experience for consumers of that news,” said Stephanie Donovan, Triton Digital’s senior vice president, publisher development, North America.

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