Drupa 2020 is happening June 16–26, 2020, at Messe Dusseldorf in Dusseldorf, Germany. Drupa is the world’s largest trade fair for the printing and media industry. Global suppliers will exhibit products and services that focus on the areas of print and media pre-press, printing machines, binding, paper processing and print material.

News & Tech recently met with Sabine Geldermann, director of drupa and global head of print technologies to discuss what we can look forward to at drupa 2020.

N&T: Is print still important and why?

Geldermann: Print certainly still has a significant standing as an industry even though commercial print has seen a huge consolidation due to digital transformation within the past 10 years. However, print is continuously evolving and conquering new areas of applications.The new printing world is emerging, driven by mega trends no one can escape, like changing demographics and the new climate landscape. In addition, the industry is impacted by a phenomenal technological acceleration and transformation — especially inkjet technologies and applications that have already had and are still having a strong impact on our industry and drive it significantly. Increasing automation and specialization — the concept of industry 4.0 — technological change and closer geographical and industrial connection are only a few buzzwords that describe the on-going challenges and tremendous opportunities in our market.

N&T: What new technologies will be found at this year’s drupa?

Geldermann: Drupa is broadening its reach in the graphic industry, especially into packaging production, industrial and functional printing, post-press and finishing, large format and multi-sensory activation as well as textile printing. All these segments and markets are going through the same transformation and definitely offer a growth potential in the near future. Moreover, megatrends such as circular economy, artificial intelligence, platform economy and connected consumers continuously and increasingly affect the shape of the industry. Drupa monitors such developments and collaborates with industry partners as well as renown market researchers in order to identify the strategic approach and positioning for the show. Our goal is to provide a realistic as well as reliable vision for the industry.

N&T: Any educational or training opportunities?

Geldermann: Our five special forums — drupa cube, drupa next age as well as three touchpoints (interactive forums focusing on the trend themes of packaging, additive manufacturing and textile applications) offer an impressive knowledge transfer in different formats. The focus will be on innovation in the print universe and the wide range of application options for printed products across all industries and spheres of life. Speakers come from the exhibitor side but also represent brand owners from other vertical markets, showing how intersectional thinking can result in innovation. Our innovation partner Michael Gale, a Wall Street bestselling author as well as international consultant, will guarantee support in thought leadership, providing insights that matter to our customers. Questions and issues such as: How to transform and recreate processes in your business, how to identify skills to upscale and how to prosper and re-design your business should be of great interest for nearly all our different profiles of attendees on a global scale.

In addition, our exhibitors offer top-class presentations, guided tours, and provide insights into industry technology trends; the offerings will be impressive and of great value for all attendees. And, all our forums and education program are free of charge.That is our investment for the industry.

N&T: Why should a newspaper attend?

Geldermann: International key players in the industry confirm that they are explicitly aligning their technology innovation with the drupa cycle. In a period of continuous change and transformation, drupa will be a must-attend event as the world's largest trade show for printing technologies. The show provides orientation, valuable impetus for sustainable business models and last but not least offers best conditions for networking and excellent new business opportunities.

For publishers, the aim is to understand the innovative power of printing and the diverse applications for print products and to draw conclusions and inspiration for their own business, which should be of huge relevance for every publishing house. In the course of the digital transformation, publishers should keep an eye on the technology behind the ideas in order to collect creative impulses and stay up to date.

With its 1,800 exhibitors from approximately 50 nations, drupa underscores its unique position as the most relevant and important platform for the global print industry. In short, a premium event that is about educating, engaging and entertaining in a fascinating and inspiring atmosphere.


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