The key Executive Mega-Conference kicked off Feb. 25 at the Paris Las Vegas with approximately 700 attendees. 

The three-day Mega-Conference is a joint effort of newspaper media associations that have an estimated combined membership of more than 5,000 publishers. Hosts are the Inland Press Association, Local Media Association, Southern Newspaper Publishers Association and News Media Alliance, with the Nevada Press Association as a local partner.

Exhibitors showcased new services, software and mergers aimed to increase efficiency in newspaper operations. 

2020 Mega is set for Feb. 17–18 in Fort Worth, Texas, at the Omni Fort Worth. 

Below is detail on some showcases and announcements from the 2019 conference.

Stratica premieres at 2019 Mega-Conference 

Stratica Advertising and CRM solutions, built by Brainworks, is a browser-based platform that unifies print and digital transactions for media advertising and had its industry premiere at the 2019 Mega-Conference. 

Stratica Advertising and Stratica CRM are the first two products from the new Stratica software platform. Future products will include Stratica Xpance for print, digital and video ad workflow management and Stratica Audience for subscriber acquisition and management, according to Brainworks. 

Stratica is available through software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscriptions.

“All Stratica modules are browser-based, allowing for minimal deployment disruptions, accelerated configuration and training timelines, wide-ranging integration capabilities, automated upgrades and dramatically reduced cost of ownership,” Brainworks says. 

Brainworks Software has been installed at more than 1,000 publications over the past three decades, according to the company. Brainworks has offices in Sayville, New York, Wichita, Kansas and Belleville, Ontario, Canada. 

According to Richard A. Sanders, president and CEO of Brainworks, the new cloud-based modules have several beta partners at this time and are expected to go live with new customers in the second half of 2019. “Stratica was conceived to address business and financial challenges as well as operational and technological hurdles,” he said. “Brainworks has been a partner with newspapers for over 30 years and will continue that relationship by providing them with solutions that will enable quick implementation of new business strategies.”

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