The Key Executives Mega-Conference will be held Feb. 25-27 at the Paris Las Vegas. The Mega-Conference is a joint effort of newspaper media associations that have an estimated combined membership of more than 5,000 publishers. Hosts are the Inland Press Association, Local Media Association, Southern Newspaper Publishers Association and News Media Alliance, with the Nevada Press Association as a local partner. Members of all fi ve associations are eligible to register as attendees and reserve exhibit space and sponsorship opportunities at member rates. In its ninth year, Mega-Conference has attendance ranging from 700 to 900 attendees. Most of the attendees are owners, publishers, digital offi cers or revenue offi cers of media operations with both print and digital assets. Below are vendor- or conference supplied descriptions of exhibitors that plan to be at the conference.


AdCellerant specializes in executing programmatic display, mobile, tablet, video, native, email and search marketing campaigns. The company is a Google Premier Partner and has received accolades for its proprietary software, AdCellerant executes thousands of digital advertising campaigns in more than 260 markets in fi ve countries.

Adpay | Memoriams, an Ancestry company

Adpay is now part of Ancestry, but our mission for our media partners remains the same: growing your revenues. As an offi cial Local Media Consortium partner, Memoriams increases local obituary revenues by an average of 30 percent through our exclusive network strategy, now encompassing thousands of North American newspapers. Click-N-Buy Classifi eds regains your marketplace with responsive design and proven profi tability for print, digital and mobile.

Advice Local

Advice Local's local presence management solution makes it easy to take control of businesses' online data. Utilizing proprietary technology, Advice Local submits optimized business data to directories, data aggregators, local profi les, GPS mapping and voice search technologies in real time.

Agfa Graphics www.agfa.comAgfa

Graphics offers newspaperspecific solutions that provide users with end-to-end workflow automation coupled with enhanced production control, proven and cost-effective violet CtP systems, intelligent XML-based workfl ow and quality enhancement software providing a comprehensive solution for economic operation and profi table growth.


Established in 2009, Boostability began with the idea that great SEO services should be accessible and affordable for everyone. Boostability now serves over 26,000 small businesses, helping them elevate their digital presence and succeed online. In the process, we have grown to over 400 employees and have been ranked in the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America for four straight years.


[BN]Tech is a paywall service provider that offers an innovative way of tracking users by IP address and providing publishers with tools to help grow digital subscribers. We have developed a robust reporting suite that helps publishers choose the right settings for their meters and have built the ability to track and target users with different rules and different criteria, either from [BN] Tech or from third-party providers, to help maximize digital subscriber revenue.

Brainworks Software

Brainworks' suite of media industry software products delivers in-depth operational and data-driven solutions designed to simplify the workfl ow process, increase productivity and reduce costs.

CCI Europe A/S

CCI develops multichannel publishing platforms for media corporations all over the world. The platforms help our customers create engaging content, reach new audiences, and optimize their business strategies. Our new cutting-edge digital publishing platform, CUE, is designed for the digital-fi rst newsroom and a constantly changing media environment. CUE offers countless ways of bringing innovation to content production and a whole new perspective on newsroom efficiency.


Our proprietary technology gathers local event content into a single source. Our partner calendars have on average 9x more the number of events each day than other media outlet calendars. Pairing our critical mass of content with our platform, admin tools and monetization is the keys to success!

CNN Newsource

Patrick West Since 1987, CNN Newsource has been the most widely distributed news services in the business. In today's digital world, CNN Newsource Digital offers an affordable, one-stop solution for digital news publishing. 

Content That Works

Content That Works is a content creation company specializing in highquality, customized content for use by local media companies and content marketers. 

Creative Circle Media Solutions 

We offer a full range of web and print production software solutions that are easier to use and run and more fl exible, providing lower cost of operations. Creative Circle also provides high-end outsourcing, print redesigns and news & ad training.

Dev/Con Detect Ad Tech Security

DEV/CON Detect Ad Tech Security helps publishers grow revenue by resolving ad tech issues. We serve the advertising and publishing industries primarily via tag verifi cation — tags pushed through various networks, widgets and creatives. Our team of digital advertising professionals, white-hat hackers and data scientists leverages our patent-protected technology to detect, fi x and monitor both technical and organizational vulnerabilities to protect and increase agency and publisher revenue.


Innocode provides innovative digital media products that enable newspapers to reassert themselves as community hubs and develop new sources of revenue by leveraging social media at the hyperlocal level. More than 100 Scandinavian and U.S. newspapers already use Innocode's solutions.

Interactive News

We are reinvigorating newspapers' revenues while delighting readers by harnessing augmented reality technology to bring your printed newspaper to life. After downloading a free app, readers simply hold their mobile phone over photos or blocks of text to launch the interactive experience. In a predicted $20 billion market by 2020, Interactive News is an affordable and easy-to-use platform for any sized newspaper — after all, it originated in a small newspaper with a staff size of 12 people.


Interlink produces the most widely used newspaper-specific presort system in America, helping more than 1,800 newspapers navigate the postal system to obtain the best delivery at the lowest cost.

iPublish Media Solutions

iPublish Media is the leading selfserve advertising platform for the newspaper industry. We help newspapers extend their reach, grow revenue and lower costs by providing a unified self-serve advertising platform for print, digital and social media advertising. is the global leader in online obituaries, providing obituary-related services to more than 1,500 newspapers and 3,500 funeral homes. Legacy's partners benefit from unparalleled scale and expertise that delivers industry-leading products, e-commerce solutions and customer service.

Lineup Systems

Lineup Systems provides media sales solution Adpoint, which empowers media businesses to maximize revenue opportunities and optimize business performance. The cloudbased, multi-channel solution supports 1,600 media brands across print, digital, events and broadcast in 33 countries, setting the industry standard in media sales management. is a provider of print, online, interactive and mobile advertising solutions, partnering with media companies from coast to coast. As the creator of revenue-generating Locator Map Programs in a number of categories, including Open Houses, Rentals, Garage Sales, Community Events and New Builders, we pride ourselves on mapping the shortest route from your audience to your advertiser's door. The Acqir product suite has increased advertising revenue for its clients since 2009.

Miles 33

Miles 33 is a developer of advertising, editorial and mobile publishing solutions for multi-channel media companies. These easy-to-use applications use a responsive design and run on smart phones, tablets and computers. Automation of page building and advertising production is in high demand as newspaper publishers look for ways to reduce costs without sacrificing quality.


NewsBank offers free microfilm digitization and digital archiving services to publishers worldwide. Partnership agreements include generous revenue-sharing models and can be customized to fit the needs of any news organization. Other turnkey services include content distribution, ecommerce hosting, newsroom research tools, data extraction and conversion, data enhancement, and custom data filters. is an site that partners with newspaper publishers with a no-cost solution to digitize and monetize their historical archives.

Newzware - ICANON

Newzware, a division of ICANON, offers self-hosted and SaaS (cloud) solutions for display advertising, classified advertising, pagination, ad layout, ad tracking, editorial, circulation management and financial software (general ledger, accounts payable, cash management & payroll).


PageSuite delivers market-leading ePaper and app solutions to newspapers across the globe, enabling them to deliver content cross-platform, implement innovative advertising and paywall strategies and create engaging digital experiences across desktop, mobile and tablet.

ppi Media US, Inc.

ppi Media is an international software specialist for publishing workflows in the fields of print, web and mobile. These solutions include the cross-channel editorial system Content-X, various tailored newspaper planning solutions, as well as tools for digital ad management.

ProImage America, Inc.

Rich Shafranek ProImage America is a leading developer of innovative browser-based production automated workflows, ink optimization, image color toning & correction software and a press registration solution for commercial and newspaper printers that corrects registration issues by adjusting the Tiff separations. NewsWay is an advanced browser-based fully automated workflow, output management and production tracking solution. Flexible and customizable. Perfect for production centralization projects.

Publication Printers

At Publication Printers, our reputation for excellence has made us one of the most trusted web printers in the United States. We provide superior quality printing on any size project, from glossy national magazines to postcard mailings.


Recruitology's cloud-based recruitment platform for media companies includes programmatic job distribution and access to a network of niche job boards and destination sites. New additions to the Recruitology product suite include a whitelabeled job board and recruitment mobile app.

Second Street

As a provider of private-label online contests and interactive content, we help companies generate revenue and build a database of consumers. Our software lets companies maximize engagement and convert website visits into revenue contests, sweepstakes and more.

Site Impact

Site Impact specializes in privatelabel email marketing services that are ideal for media companies and agencies that want a custom-branded application with configurable features that make ordering more efficient. Site Impact will work with you to develop a successful email program with higher guaranteed click-through and real-time results. With one of the largest databases available, competitive pricing and same day turnaround times, we are the turnkey email marketing solution you need.

Social News Desk


Social News Desk is the leading social media management tool for both print and broadcast newsrooms. Used by more than 2,000 news orgs worldwide, SND Dashboard is uniquely designed to help newsrooms follow best practices, secure accounts, monetize branded content and measure results with actionable analytics. Its unique feature set allows large groups to publish at scale and easily track enterpriselevel social media metrics. Plus the company's integrated SND Campaigns tool allows media companies to more easily execute a sponsored content strategy on social.

Software Consulting Services

SCS provides advertising, production and digital asset management software to the newspaper industry. Family-owned and employing a staff of U.S.-based developers, sales and support staff, SCS has long been a trusted vendor for publishers of all shapes and sizes.

Southern Lithoplate

Southern Lithoplate, delivering value and performance, an environmentally friendly company. Featuring SLP's Liberty NXP and GEM true no-process plates, paired with responsive technical support, comprehensive parts/service packages and our valued strategic alliances, including our Alliance partners Creative Circle Media Solutions, CRONECRM, MWStange LLC and Presteligence.


TCN is the web-based, online IVR and dialing tool that hundreds of newspapers use to save money and boost productivity. Within minutes, you can interact with your subscribers with a simple call, email or SMS text message for situations like new start verifications or credit card declined.


Tecnavia is a 360° service provider offering web metering, native news apps, website design and hosting.

The Newspaper Manager

The Newspaper Manager is a publishing CRM that dramatically reduces overhead costs by connecting sales, production and accounts receivable in one simple package. This mobile-friendly platform equips sales reps to generate more ad revenue while saving time throughout production and billing.

More than 1,700 media organizations rely on's content management and data solutions to help them create compelling content, grow their audiences and boost revenue with targeted local and programmatic campaigns. Our complete solutions suite integrates digital publishing, ad ops, content exchange, over-the-top (OTT) video, mobile apps, business directory and more, in a unified, state-of-theart platform.

Tru Measure

Tru Measure provides media companies and advertising agencies with post-click analytics and campaign performance dashboards. We also provide insight and guidance on digital marketing management and measurement needs. Our white label platform is a proven go-tomarket tool for your order entry, fulfillment, optimization and reporting needs.

Vision Data

Amy Weaver Vision Data is a long-standing premier media partner specializing in advertising sales and customer service applications designed to increase revenue and lower duplication and overhead. Vision applications provide a seamless flow from initial ad order entry in the field to design and ad tracking and then out to production, billing and receivables management. Vision Data applications provide tools for advertising, circulation, sales/CRM, self-service, production and ad tracking. Currently serving hundreds of publications throughout the U.S. via cloud & self-hosted formats.

Whiz Technologies

Whiz Technologies builds mobile, OTT video and Alexa voice apps. With a history of developing apps for more than seven years, we provide best-of-class solutions for all devices. Our apps have multiple ad units, including app start ads, banners, interstitials and video ads. We provide sales training, best practices and consulting for building and growing your audience. We are particularly proud of our diverse and growing customer base that includes broadcast television stations and daily/weekly newspapers