Koenig & Bauer and Muller Martini are among vendors focusing on remote-based solutions to serve customers’ equipment maintenance needs amid in-person restrictions resulting from COVID-19.

KBA launched Visual PressSupport, an appbased video streaming service that enables press operators to send live video from a mobile device to a hotline technician for remote maintenance. Hotline techs can see exactly what the press operator or service technician sees. 

Both parties can mark up still images in real time to help operators carry out function checks or required settings adjustments. Operators and techs can also share images from their mobile device to capture sporadic

press behaviors that aren’t captured live.

Only data that has been shared can be seen to maintain data security, KBA said.

Muller Martini, meantime, is touting established Remote Support Services and MMRemote live support to customers with active service contracts. Both are available 24/7 to enable communication and knowledge sharing in order to expedite solutions that would be significantly delayed waiting for in-person service.

MMRemote provides high-speed, webbased machine connectivity, allowing service engineers to remotely view equipment in real time and see exactly what an equipment operator is seeing.